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On display at the New Mexico National Guard Museum

The New Mexico National Guard Museum contains a wide range of exhibits throughout the military history of the USA.

NMMI Room-  This room is dedicated to the New Mexico Military Institute.  The history of NMMI runs parallel with the New Mexico National Guard.  Since its inception, up to 20% of the serving officers in the NMNG were commissioned through NMMI.  The weapons collection that serves as the central focus of this room is one of the finest small arms collections in the Southwestern United States.  This room currently holds 50 rifles and muskets, 22 pistols, 11 machine guns and submachine guns, 27 bayonets and daggers, and 8 swords – all dating from 1834 to present day.  Additional weaponry can be found on the main floor.

Static Equipment Display -  The New Mexico National Guard Museum has an outdoor static equipment display outside the back of the museum.  This display has items used by the NMNG during the last 100 years, including a World War I Battery and Store Wagon, M42A1 Twin 40mm Duster, 90mm anti-aircraft gun, 40mm anti-aircraft gun, Quad-50 machine guns, Chaparral Air Defense Missile System, M38 Jeep, and the venerable Huey helicopter.

Meditation Garden -  Come walk through and spend some time in the New Mexico National Guard Museum’s Meditation Garden.  It is dedicated to all of the units from the NMNG that have been mobilized in Federal Service of our Nation. Bricks purchased through our donation page line the garden. Spots are still available. Please click here to donate a brick in honor of your beloved servicemember.

Mendenhall Theater -  Sit down and observe The Tragedy of Bataan by Jan Thompson or another pertinent video presentations in this newly constructed theater.  This state of the art theater was made possible by a generous donation from Steve and Jack Fox in memory of their uncle, Jake Mendenhall.

Main Floor – The museum displays tell the story of the New Mexico National Guard from 1598 to present and include artifacts from our enemies.  Displays include uniforms and equipment used by our troops and their foes, including an 1859 McCellan saddle, a WWI Harley Davidson motorcycle, a WWI freight wagon, a Korean War commemorative Thompson submachine gun, two AK-47 assault rifles, and much more.

Check back for traveling exhibit information.

Bataan Memorial Museum Foundation, Inc.

The New Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations to The New Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. 

If you have any questions about the tax deduction of your donation, you should contact your accountant or other tax professional.

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